Embedded Finance Solutions.

Integration of Financial Services in Business Operations


Precise integrates financial services directly into business systems or customer journeys, leveraging advanced technology to streamline and automate traditional financial operations, providing a more efficient, cost-effective, and customer-centric experience.


Onboarding & Underwriting

Our onboarding and underwriting processes are built on a foundation of data-driven intelligence and ongoing risk assessment.

We employ cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to evaluate potential investments, providing a comprehensive understanding of each opportunity, which allows us to streamline the onboarding process while maintaining stringent underwriting standards, ensuring that each investment aligns with user defined risk tolerance and return expectations.


Monitoring & Reporting

Our monitoring and reporting system allows for proactive management of an investment portfolio.

Real-time tracking provides actionable insights, enabling swift decision-making and efficient risk management.

Regular, detailed reporting ensures transparency, keeping clients abreast with investments’ performance, and providing clarity.


Collection & Recovery

Our collection and recovery mechanisms stand as robust safeguards for investments.

Precise employs state-of-the-art automation and optimization techniques to manage potential defaults effectively.

This not only reduces the operational costs associated with debt recovery but also improves success rates, ultimately safeguarding investments.

Precise Embedded Finance.


Enhanced Underwriting Capabilities

We use advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning to build predictive models for more precise and comprehensive risk assessments. This assists our clients in making informed investment decisions while minimizing the potential risks related to operational costs and debt recovery.

Seamless Collections and Debt Recovery

We automate and optimize the end-to-end collections process. Our platform enables more effective management of delinquent accounts, reducing the operational costs associated with collections and improving the success rate of debt recovery.

Real-Time Investment Monitoring

We offer real-time monitoring capabilities that provide clients with a clear and actionable view of their portfolio performance. This empowers investors to proactively manage risks, optimize returns, and identify potential growth opportunities.

Scalable & Customizable Software Services

Precise offers a range of software services tailored to meet the unique needs of different types of investors. Our flexible solutions can be easily integrated into existing systems, ensuring seamless adoption and long-term value.

Empowering Smaller Businesses

By enabling investors to invest ”down-market”, we help bridge the financing gap faced by small and medium-sized businesses fostering economic growth and job creation.

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